Lefoko Centre will be a Missionary Centre for the North-Western part of Botswana.
The name of the centre is derived from Setswana and means "Word" (read more on the home page).

Ultimately, depending on the possibilities and needs, the centre could gradually develop to work in the following areas:
What is Lefoko Centre? Areas of work
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BIBLICAL APOSTOLATE – Lefoko (Word) Apostolate

-BBS – Basic Bible Seminar – preparation and distribution of materials – already in progress
-Local Dei Verbum course (with possible participation from South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia)
-Lectio Divina & Bible Study – preparation and distribution of materials, demonstrations, workshops – already in progress
-Translation of Biblical materials into local languages
-Production of our own contextualised materials
-Library with Biblical materials and reference books
-Development of Bible-based missionary methods
MISSION ANIMATION – Mission Awareness

-Introduction of new missionaries – cultural and pastoral
-Language courses for missionaries
-Training for Catechists, Lay Ministers and Leaders – as local missionaries
-Reference library with cultural and linguistic materials
-On-going formation for missionaries, clergy and religious
-Work on methods and materials for Primary Evangelisation
-Work on methods and materials for basic Christian-Catholic Formation
-Mobile - Missionary - Primary Evangelisation and Formation Team
-Basic pastoral, culture-ethnographical research and documentation
-Work on Contextualised RCIA – methods and materials
-Actual Primary Evangelisation posts among San and other disadvantaged People
-PMS promotion and distribution of PMS materials
COMMUNICATION as Relationship and Attitude – knowing & sharing the Word
oSpiritual LEFOKO (Word) Centre for Prayer and Renewal
oPlace of regular community prayer, adoration and contemplation
oPlace for Retreats and Recollections
oReference Library on spirituality, prayer and theology
oPlace of dialogue and cooperation with other churches and religions – info on them
oPlace of dialogue with agnostics, atheists and lapsed or apostate Catholic
oPlace of witnessing, living and working missionary community
oPlace for sabbatical experience (of the Incarnate Word)
oPlace for having a quality time with visiting families, friends; place for rest

COMMUNICATION as Media – spreading the Word using media
oCooperation with the African Catholic TV – Cape Town, South Africa – initiated,
oAudio & Video studio with recording and editing equipment – working already
oLibrary with Audio, Video and Image materials – in progress
oProduction of own audio-visual formation, pastoral materials – initiated with WAR (Women Against Rape in Maun), in progress
oWebsite pages on Biblical issues, BBS and Lectio Divina – already in progress
oTranslation of texts and production of written materials: Biblical and others
oLanguage is one of the most important media, therefore, proper introduction to the local languages, courses, refreshing courses,
library with reference materials; special courses for “pastoral and liturgical language”; modern facilities to study languages
oUsing Cultural and Artistic media, Performing Arts – especially for youth and children – in progress
oUsing sport and other creative activities for youth and children

COMMUNICATION as Activities – spreading the Word by direct engagement and witness
oSupport for Missionary Evangelisation in the North-Western Missions - Parishes and their Communities – in broadly understood
formation work  – help in organising and maintaining; training and encouraging local missionary potential – some in situ but
mostly outreach work by the Mobile-Missionary - Primary Evangelisation and Formation Team
oOn-going Formation for Adults, Youth and Children – in situ & outreach work
oFormation for Marriage & Family Life – in situ & outreach work
oBehavioural Change & Sexuality, Education for Life (with HIV-AIDS background), Theology of the Body – in situ & outreach work
oLectio Divina – in the community of the centre and as outreach in communities
oBBS – courses in situ and as outreach in communities
oBasic pastoral anthropological and ethnographic research & documentation – in progress
(especially among San and Hambukushu People)
oHIV-AIDS related activities – in situ and as outreach
JUSTICE, PEACE AND INTEGRITY OF CREATION – living the Word and witnessing
-Programmes for girls and women – especially on dignity; in cooperation with WAR (Women Against Rape) in Maun – in progress
-Involvement with the poorest and the most marginalized – the Bushmen of the Kalahari
-Involvement with the “Street Kids” of Maun (Bana ba Letsatsi project) – in progress
-Involvement with the “Out-of-school & unemployed youth in Maun - progress
-Job & employment creation workshops and exposure for youth
-Library with reference material on the Social Teaching of the Church
-Alternative agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, perm culture – demonstration projects
-Courses for potential tourism guides – job employment opportunities for local people
-Cooperation with the Veld Product Research in Gabane
-Cooperation with the Kuru Trust and other affiliated San projects
-Cooperation in nature conservation efforts in Botswana - awareness building, sustainable development projects