What needs funding?
Lefoko Centre
Development: 001.estimated cost: $5.000,-
First we need to fence the whole centre area of 4,43 Ha. The fencing materials are already purchased. The fence line is almost 900m long. We will start to work on the fence as soon as we receive the final land lease documents from the Land Board.
Development: 002.priority projectestimated cost: $33.000,-
A very expensive but in long term necessary project will be to provide electricity connection to the plot. Our land is bordering the power line. We need to aply for a transformer and main connection board. Connection in Botswana is extremaly expemsive - could cost P250.000 ($33.000).
Development: 003.estimated cost: $12.000,-
We need to drill a water hole and equip it for use: water pump, storage tank, piping ect.
Development: 004.priority projectestimated cost: $50.000,-
Chapel for 100 people
Development: 005.priority projectestimated cost: $45.000,-
House for the SVD confreres responsible for the centre - for 3 people
Development: 006.priority projectestimated cost: $45.000,-
Workshop with media studio & offices
Development: 007.estimated cost: $125.000,-
Conference hall, library, classes, toilets
Development: 008.estimated cost: $33.350,-
Dining area for 110 people
Development: 009.estimated cost: $25.000,-
Kitchen & pantry
Development: 010.estimated cost: $8.350,-
Laundry building
Development: 011.priority projectestimated cost: $56.000,-
Accommodation house 1: self-contained rooms - for 12 people
Development: 012.estimated cost: $56.000,-
Accommodation house 2: self-contained rooms - for 12 people
Development: 014.estimated cost: $96.000,-
Accommodation house 4: shared rooms & shared toilets, showers - for 32 people
Development: 013.estimated cost: $56.000,-
Accommodation house 3: self-contained rooms - for 12 people
Development: 015.estimated cost: $96.000,-
Accommodation house 5: shared rooms & shared toilets, showers - for 32 people
Development: 016.estimated cost: $45.000,-
House for the centre's team for 3 women - sisters, lay people
Development: 017.estimated cost: $45.000,-
House for the centre's team for 3 men - brothers, lay people
Development: 018.estimated cost: $35.000,-
Recreational & sport facilities - last priority development
Development: 019.estimated cost: $15.000,-
Reception, storage & tool workshop
Development: 020.estimated cost: $5.000,-
Shaded areas
Development: 021.estimated cost: $25.000,-
Other important infrastructure: power distribution housing, canalization & sanitation, rubbish disposal, telecommunication – phone & internet system, security system, parking areas, landscaping, garden, access roads, paths, lights, fire places
Development: 022.estimated cost: $32.500,-
Furniture - a major expenditure: beds, chairs, tables, shelves, bedding, sheets, blankets, mosquito netting ...
Development: 023.estimated cost: $15.200,-
Kitchen utensils, pots, plates, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, knifes, burners, gas tanks, freezers, refrigerators ...
Development: 024.estimated cost: $3.000,-
Garden and technical tools, lader, hammers ...
Development: 025.priority projectestimated cost: $26.000,-
Mission vehicle - simplest 4x4 pick-up
Development: 026.estimated cost: $12.000,-
Labour, workers, builders, specialists ...
IMPORTANT NOTE (up-dated 28th Febrary 2009):
Because of the circumstances the bishop requested to suspend the development of the Missionary Lefoko Centre project for some time. It is not canceled but it is just put on hold. He also requested to put on hold the fundraising activities. The funds already received are kept on the special account and will not be used for any other purpose than originally intended. Meanwhile we are continuing to resolve the land issue.

Catholic Safaris project is not suspended and will continue to operate!