What can you do in Lefoko Centre?
At the moment there is not much you can do, simply because the centre is not yet there physically.
But one day it will be, and then you could do the following:

You could come to pray, for recollections, retreats

You could take part in training for catechists, lay ministers, leaders
You could participate in training for Biblical pastoral and Lectio Divina
Training for HIV-AIDS Christian approach, behavioural change, education for life
Training for Marriage and Family formation
You could come for short sabbaticals

Introduction to the missionary work of the Catholic Church - Vicariate of Francistown
Come to study languages and cultures of the People of Botswana - cultural orientation
On-going formation for missionaries - religious and lay

Creative programmes for children and youth

Find catechetical and Christian formation meterials
You could visit our library and repository

Non-Catholics are invited for an interdenominational and interreligious dialogue
As Christians we could do many things together

You could come to do some media projects, recording, editing ...

You can do social projects

You can do agricultural projects

You could come to help us
You could come simply to rest, for holidays
There are many things you could do in Lefoko Centre, be creative!

You are invited for a cup of tea!

Meanwhile, you can walk in the 4.43 ha (and much further) of bush at the Thamalakane River that was given to us (but not yet by the Land Board) to establish the centre. You can enjoy the silence, the trees and the birds of this beautiful place.

Presently it is not advisable to go there with a saloon car - there are some sandy places on the way, and other access might be blocked by the flowing river.

Do not swim in the river - there are big crocodiles there and sometimes hippos as well. Elephants visit us from time to time and break our big trees. There is also a nice collection of other creatures: snakes, birds, mice and in the evening mosquitos.
Lefoko Centre