Other ways of helping Lefoko Centre
First of all you can pray for the Lefoko Centre and for the team working there. You can pray for the mission of the Catholic Church in Botswana, especially in the North of the country.
Pray for our catechumens, for our catechists; pray for the missionaries: priests, brothers and sisters; pray for our people.
Pray for those infected with HIV and the sick because of AIDS, especially those who in their young age have to die now. Pray for those who are helping them, taking care of them and giving them back the human dignity they deserve; bringing them the Gospel message of forgiveness, mercy, love and hope.

We need funds. You can make a donation for the establishment and running of the centre. We are starting with empty hands but with faith and hope that what we are trying to do, is the will of God, and if so, it must be done, and it will be successful.

You can think of any other creative way to help us, to support us financially. You can organise mission clubs or ask for help the existing ones. You could organise fund raising on the mission Sunday in October.

You can become a missionary wherever you are.

You can tell other people about Lefoko Centre and invite them to help us.
Lefoko Centre
You can come to wildlife rich Botswana on a Safari trip and at the same time support us by booking your safari through our Catholic Safaris self-reliance project.
IMPORTANT NOTE (up-dated 28th Febrary 2009):
Because of the circumstances the bishop requested to suspend the development of the Missionary Lefoko Centre project for some time. It is not canceled but it is just put on hold. He also requested to put on hold the fundraising activities. The funds already received are kept on the special account and will not be used for any other purpose than originally intended. Meanwhile we are continuing to resolve the land issue.

Catholic Safaris project is not suspended!