Find and visit Lefoko Centre
Lefoko Centre will be established on a land, ca. 15 km from Maun, 17 km from the St. Augustin's Catholic Mission, at the Thamalakane River in the Thamalakane East area.

It can be reached on the main Maun-Ghanzi road if the River is not flowing. It is few kms after the Sitatunga Camp, on the other side of the river, where the river turns to the East. It is possible to take the old Ghanzi road near Sitatunga, or to drive towards Ghanzi from Maun till a place where the power line crosses the road and to take the sandy road along the power line. There is a small village few hundred metres from the centre.

If the river is flowing, there is another access possible - from Maun one has to take the road near Maun Secondary School towards Kagiso rest camp. After Kagiso follow the road along the river. A good access road, but a little sandy, is the road going to the Tree Lodge. After passing the lodge turn right towards the river or continue to the small cattle post village and take the road along the power line. The centre borders the power line.

Well, at the moment there is nothing to visit, except a nice bush. Of course, you can always visit the St. Augustine's Catholic Mission in Maun from where the Centre is being organized. The mission is located in Mabudutsa Ward in Maun, close to Ngami Toyota crossing. It is also the same place where the St. Augustine's Pre-School is located.

Maun is in the North-Western part of Botswana, bordering the famous Okavango Delta. The population is fast growing and is reaching 75.000 people.

The Catholic Church is still very weak and small in Maun. Majority of the people attending our celebrations are from different places in Botswana and only working in Maun. The local Catholic population is very small, it is still a classic primary Evangelization area.

Lefoko Centre