HIV & AIDS in Botswana
Botswana is one of the most affected countries in the entire world regarding the HIV infection and AIDS pandemic.

In some places up to half of the adult population is already infected. Many people die, most of them young adults, in their thirties.

Life expectancy dropped to below 32 years and is expected to drop below 30 soon.

Thousands of orphaned children need care and permanent support.

Thousands of sick people need care as well.

The situation is very serious and constitutes the greatest human emergency in the modern world.

There is no cure as yet, the available drugs prolong life and help for some time only.

The consequences are grave:
for the society, families, economy of the country, development efforts, health system ...
Change of human behaviour is the key to the long term solution to the AIDS problem.
But nothing is more difficult than exactly that. It is a hard work for the whole generation.
Christian faith can and should play an important part in that process, helping people to acquire strength and will to change and to live according to the moral principles and commandments allowing them to live.

The growing number of the sick and affected is calling for a radical compassion and love, for commitment and action witnessing to our belonging to Christ, Himself suffering in our brothers and sisters.

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