Faith Enhancement Group for Adults

Christian Catholic on-going formation based on the Bible and Tradition of the Church

SVD Provincial House - Francistown
(Society of the Divine Word – Divine Word Missionaries)
Opposite Dumela Lodge

we meet at Mr. Baakile's conference hall
some hundred meters before SVD

Tuesday, 27th January 2014
6:00 p.m.

This will be our first meeting to organise the FEGA venture. All Catholics (and Non-Catholics) who want to deepen their faith, their knowledge of our religion, of the Bible, of the History of Salvation and of the Catholic Church are invited.

We want to study, discuss and ask difficult questions related to our faith.

We will also have moments of prayer,
Bible sharing or meditation.

Contact Fr. Mareko: 72 19 14 72
e-mail: mareko.svd@gmail.com

website: www.lefoko.com/fega

email me